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The role of the Course teacher is vital to the Ideal Play programme and offers you a unique and impressive skill that will enhance an existing degree or diploma.
The Internationally accredited IDEAL PLAY ABACUS training ensures that each instructor is evaluated on both practical teaching ability and course content at the end of each level and prior to the subsequent level. An international grading certificate is issued on completion of the course instruction grading examination.

Applicants are required to
- complete all the levels of training
- have a passion for teaching young children
- be committed, dedicated and diligent towards their students
- be a good team worker
- be self motivated
- have a strong willingness to enhance a child's ability using the Program
- have a sense of fun, energy and patience
- fulfill the contractual committments of IDEAL PLAY SA
- uphold the intergrity of the Programme at all times
- strive towards serving the BEST INTERESTS of the child on the programme

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