Abacus4 maths is a young, growing organisation that is affiliated with Young Minds Education and Ideal Play Abacus India. We have a team of excellent and experienced Course teachers, who are dedicated to the progress and success of every student. Our love for children makes us passionate about giving our students.....

Our Qualifications


     - Teaching the Chinese Abacus since 2006.
     - My GRAND LEVEL certification as well as being trained and mentored by Chinese, Malaysian and Indian Abacus moderators and trainers.
     - My knowledge and contribution to the programme formed an integral part of the delivery of the first Abacus systems programme brought into South Africa from Malaysia by Ms Tazmin    Motani in 2006.
     Anisa Bhamjee
  National Franchisor,
Idealplay - SouthAfrica

Our Vision

- to be the best educational centre of choice that focuses on foundation phase learning and development;

Our Mission

- for every child to be given the opportunity to benefit from an ABACUS programme irrespective of economic background.
- The Vision and Mission Statements are OUR motto, ethics and contribution towards social empowerment through education, in the development of young Children in particular.
- Good, Parent - Student - Teacher communication
- The guidance to Teachers, Parents and Students in the BEST interests of the Child from Internationally accredited Moderators in India.
- The assurance that the content of the Programme is fun, exciting and stimulating.


The Ideal Play Abacus   Institution which is affiliated to Play Abacus, Malaysia, and Guang Xi Abacus Association, China, was established by women entrepreneurs in 2003. It has over 300 centres across India. The institution has obtained Premier Achievement Training Certificate from China.