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Professional Services

Award winning team of IT professionals , customizing solutions, design in SAS for Data Analytics SharePoint Implementation, Cyber & Information Security, IT & Project Management Consultancy, TOGAF Enterprise Architecture & Professional Certified training. We have vast experience of both small and large scale projects.

ICT & Business Consulting

Solutions Design & Implementation, Coaching & Training..

We Conduct High-Level, Strategic Analysis of an Organization ensuring they are spending their right money, in the right places, making sure its an Input to the Investment Productisation Process by using Business Capability Models (Business Functions)



Our Services

Project Management

On Projects Consulting,Coaching. We also conduct incomplete delivery assessments. We offer Portofio,Programme & Project Management Solutions.

TOGAF  IT Enterprise Architecture

We look at Business Processes and Align them with organisational needs in order to
perform and deliver solutions suitable to the business in terms of Return on Investments.

“Enterprise Architecture as a practice which analyzes areas of common activity within or
between organizations, where information and other resources are exchanged to guide future
states from an integrated viewpoint of strategy, business,and technology ”

Certified Professionals

Local and International Certified Professionals are available on a Consulting Basis.

Rudrick Stohl’s Consulting Methodology

At Rudrick Stohl’s Consulting, we help companies think ahead. Business today is evolving faster than at any other time in history, and tomorrow there are going to be challenges we can't even imagine today and opportunities. But to survive and bloom, we must imagine that future. We must anticipate it.

Even while we're helping you solve your business challenges today, we're thinking about the future - and how we can take you there. This is what gives you the competitive edge in what’s to come.

A Case Study: Engineering New Project Management When a leading manufacturer for the microchip industry needed to design and deliver a new project management program, they selected Rudrick Stohl. Initial assessments showed that while there was no established project management methodology, many engineers across the organization already applied a range of project management skills. Their inconsistencies, however, made only 10 percent of project plans “Excellent” by corporate standards. Equipped with deep knowledge of organizational needs and opportunities, Rudrick Stohl consultants were able to quickly define project management roles and embed new structures and practices. Consequently, the company rapidly achieved: Nearly 85-90 percent of all project plans are considered “Excellent” based on criteria Improved resource management and decision-making Increased transparency in project performance


Designing a successful performance step up plan to reach your goals requires a thorough understanding of how your organization functions at every level. By evaluating and benchmarking current capabilities and performance levels, AllSys can isolate and address the skills, application and management gaps that hinder performance and prevent you from reaching goals as fast as you’d like.Our in-depth assessments examine all aspects of your organization on three key dimensions—people, processes and tools—to identify which specific change mechanisms can be activated to achieve business objectives. Creating a baseline for comparison will also help ensure the precision of our solution and enable you to measure the business impact of organizational change initiatives and demonstrate ROI

Services Include: Rudrickand Stohl Individual Assessments PM Appraise - Evaluates an individual's knowledge and skills in each of the nine areas in the Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (PMBOK) Project Management Knowledge and Practice Survey - Measures an individual's current project management working practices and performances across the full project lifecycle BA Appraise - Evaluates an individual's knowledge of business analysis best practices, as well as the knowledge areas in A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) Business Analysis Knowledge and Practice Survey - Measures an individual's current business analysis working practices across the full requirements life cycle Contract Management Knowledge Assessment - Assesses an individual's knowledge of foundational and specialized concepts related to Federal Contracting policies Agile Knowledge Assessment - Evaluates how well individuals understand and utilize Agile practices, and how the work environment impacts the project team EA Assessment - The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is focused on helping agencies develop their Enterprise Architecture (EA) programs so that they can benefit from the results of using EA as a strategic planning tool.

Rudrick Stohl Organizational Assessments Process Reviews - Examines if organizational standards are in line with current best practices and free of inefficiencies and poorly defined roles/ responsibilities 1.Project Management 2.Business Analysis 3.Enterprise Architect Management Artifact Reviews - Ensures that the tool sets your staff have are appropriate for the projects you work on, driven by an organizational purpose, and completed with the utmost quality Project Management Business Analysis Enterprise Architect Management Project Framework - Guides an organization in selecting immediate improvement activities based on the current capabilities of their project management processes Next Level Assessments - Evaluates an organization's training investment and identifies the key catalysts for success and the key obstacles that can lead to below-par results

A Case Study: Getting to the Root of the Issue A large life since company had internally trained their project managers, but their projects were still failing. They engaged Rudrick Stohl to uncover the reasons their skills were failing and create a plan for successful implementation.
The Declaration: Rudrick Stohl conducted a Project Framework assessment in order to identify process issues and skills gaps, then conducted a series of interviews with key management, executives and functional employees. The findings were then used to develop a learning plan that combined instructor-led training with coaching and mentoring to make sure the training was applied on the job.


In order to maximize efficiency and performance, all strategic and structural components of your organization must be in association. Even in the highest functioning operations, there can be gaps in composition that have a ripple effect on overall performance.

Creating or honing Centers of Excellence within your organization—the collaborative thought leadership, governance structures, methodologies and tools that uphold best practices and support continuous improvement—enables the highest quality output and maximum achievement.

Graspskills consultants will first identify any breaches within your organization and then tailor a solution to address any issues, leverage your assets and achieve organizational alignment.

Rudrick Stohl Services consist of:

  • Organizational Design Services – Creating infrastructure to govern people, processes and tools
  • Continuous Improvement Assessment – Ongoing evaluation to measure achievement and evolve solutions
  • Human Capital Management – Managing workforce to maximize productivity and efficiency
  • Community of Practice Development – Developing and supporting areas of best practice and collective learning
  • Competency Development – Determining employee profiles required to deliver on organizational goals
  • Coaching and Mentoring Program Design Design – Customizing solutions for impactful mentoring and support systems

A Case Study:

Ensuring Adoption of Best Practices A leading automation technology company had developed several policies for project management, but application and adoption were erratic due to lack of buy-in by PMs. Communication throughout the organization had also been insufficient and ineffective.

Our Approach:

Rudrick Srohl’s PMO consultants evaluated and addressed the issues surrounding lack of support among PMs and identified opportunities for departmental training to ensure consistency. Rudrick Stohl also developed a communication plan to educate and engage the organization’s key stakeholders. All activities were tied to client-specific goal setting and measurement in order to track progress.


In pursuit of operational excellence, you’ve likely implemented processes across your organization. The question is do you have the right processes in place for the right people to generate the right results?

Ideally, your organization will have just enough process to regulate methodology and make peoples’ jobs easier while producing the highest quality work output. Conversely, an over-engineered process or lack of consistent application actually creates more work and erodes productivity.

To optimize your functionality, Rudrick Stohl consultants will thoroughly assess your organization’s process adequacy and maturity, and benchmark against standards such as Business Analysis Body of Knowledge/Project Management Body of Knowledge/TOGAF Knowledge and best practices. We’ll then design, implement and measure success of tactical activities that deliver on your strategic intentions.

Rudrick Stohl Services include:

  • Methodology Revision and Design – Creating or rectifying practices relative to project environment
  • Process Adequacy Assessments – Evaluating current state processes in relation to project environment
  • Federal Contracting Policy Management – Reviewing and refining federal contracting methodologies and procedures

A CaseStudy: Streamlining Methods, Creating Support

A sizeable County Department received a large funding increase and was subsequently inundated with requests for new IT projects. Although the staff was intelligent and motivated, they lacked the formal training and consistent methodologies to efficiently handle the influx of work. The Department engaged Rudrick Stohl to develop skills and best practices across business analysis and project management practices.

Tactics that Delivered:

Rudrick Stohl developed a learning plan that called for a core group of employees—and a number of executives and managers—to complete Rudrick Stohl Business Analysis Professional Development Program onsite, integrating departmental materials whenever appropriate. Along with earning professional certifications, the employees adopted consistent methods and tools that eliminated redundancy and maximized performance. Immediately they realized an increase in productivity and quality of work, as well as the unanticipated benefits of strong team building and a mentoring environment.


As you work with Rudrick Stohl consultants to create your custom learning plan, consider what happens after the formal training events. As an industry average, 80% of knowledge gained in training is lost within three hours of exiting the classroom for participants who don’t get the proper support.

Rudrick Stohl makes support a priority to ensure you get the most out of your learning investment. Employing the appropriate mix of follow-up workshops, blended learning options or coaching to bolster newly-acquired knowledge will help ensure the immediate application—and long-term adoption—of new techniques.

Your Rudrick Stohl consultant will work with you to devise a learning reinforcement plan that’s right for your organization, promoting continuous improvement and an environment that fosters new practices.

Rudrick Stohl Services include:

  • Mentoring – Reinforcing or demonstrating new techniques via virtual or in-person trainers
  • Deliverable-Based Workshops – Providing lab-like environments for new technique application on group deliverables
  • Centers of Excellence and Practice – Creating or honing thought leadership and governance structures that support best practices
  • Webinars – Delivering online, self-paced learning modules for efficient, accessible training

A CaseStudy: Honing Skills for the Real World

A leading global financial services firm needed a way to help PM executives practice applying their skills in real-world scenarios. Rudrick Stohl provided workshop learning events that simulated real-world experiences in a lab-like learning environment.

The Outcome

Since the approach made the learning event relevant, participants were able to test and apply their skills, allowing them to try, succeed or improve in a safe, supportive environment. The workshop setting also let the entire group draw practical conclusions for use on the job


Throughout your learning initiative, some performance improvements will be immediate and obvious, while others may lay the groundwork for a crucial next step. Substantiating your progress is important to validating exactly how your organization has improved, whether issues have been solved, and what learning is still required to achieve existing or evolving goals.

Utilizing in-depth Metrics that Matter, we gather predictive data about higher-level results that indicate program effectiveness and your potential business impact. At every relevant stage, Rudrick Stohl assesses your training outcomes so that you can better measure success, identify new opportunities and justify learning investments to other key decision-makers.

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