Manage All Your Projects & Daily Tasks
Through A Single App

Most businesses juggle several projects with several hundred tasks (if not more) and need a system to keep everything organized. A Portfolio Management solution becomes indispensable when handling and supervising a collection of projects, whether they are department, cross-functional, CapEx or infrastructure projects. The capability of grouping them together and generating various reports of risks, costs, resources, assists in better business decisions.


Projects at a Glance

A dashboard view of all the projects in a portfolio allow project managers to manage and track them and allows them to gather pertinent data across many related projects.

On Office 365 with the help of Power BI, this data can be turned into reports based on objectives, costs, risks or even resources associated with the portfolio, which helps stakeholders make better informed business decisions.

Other views that can be generated include:
  • Project run rate
  • Budgets
  • Risk analysis
  • Rolled-up tasks and issues
  • Resource management
Dashboard - Portfolio Management Solution

Timeline Views

Captures the essence of what the project will accomplish and how it will be done. Building comprehensive, accurate timelines ensure that every project will be off on the right foot, moving forward as per their schedule. A consolidated view of all tasks, their progress and assignments make it easy to track project and task schedules and manage their execution.

You can view:

  • Rolled-up milestones
  • Tasks plotted on a calendar
  • Resource workload

    Gantt Chart - Portfolio Management Solution

Projects with 3rd Parties

 The SharePoint platform allows for ease of giving external users access to parts of your portal – department or project site, document libraries, forms, etc. This makes it easy to run external projects with vendors or clients and have them participate in the planning and execution process. For example, running a network build-out with a few security, hardware and data backup vendors.
Third Party Access - Portfolio Management Solution

More Project Management Features on Office 365

Intranet Website Element



Maintain events and major deliverables for projects and teams to keep team members abreast of all happenings across your organization.


Be notified and aware of new tasks, changes in projects, and updates to documents so you don’t miss a thing.

Custom Lists

Create and customize lists to include all aspects of collaboration such as budgeting, meeting notes and requirements.


Set and customize security level for each project. A project can either inherit its user permissions or you can assign users with different levels of access.